Present to Influence Online


Write with Confidence @ Work

Increase your influence and effectiveness. Learn and apply preparation and thinking  tools to help you create a well-structured audience-focused message that wins their approval!

This online programme has an orientation session, two live workshops and self-paced video component that offers a mix of activities and practical assignments.  You get to work on a real-life business presentation/pitch with live coaching and review and you are able to apply these skills to your everyday work.

Presenting information in a compelling manner that grabs attention, inspires interest and motivates others to action are critical skills in business.

Raise your personal and professional value.

It is essential to make the right impact, get your message across, and influence people to come alongside with you.

Our aim is to make you an authentic, inspiring presenter.

What will you learn to do:

  • apply a 9-step formula to create a compelling story that influences others.
  • fine-tune your ability to deliver a persuasive and impactful message in your own style, that builds confidence and rapport with your audience.

Writing information that grabs attention, inspires interest and motivates others to action is a critical skill in business when communicating with clients, colleagues and managers.

Recent research shows up to 4-hours a week is spent, responding to emails.

It is essential to make the right impact, and get a clear message across, to influence people and get results.

BPG, in collaboration with Learnability, has created an online self-study action learning course. It provides learners with a new way to write professionally. This 8-step modularised course will show learners how to get into the hearts and minds of their readers.

Benefits of this online course:

  • learn in your own time and pace.
  • check that you are on the right track with the model answers for the skills practices.
  • download a summary for each module and the course overall.
  • easily navigate the course through the consistent structure of each module.
  • learn in a fun and interactive manner.
  • be more empowered and grow your confidence in your writing ability.
  • apply the knowledge and skills immediately in your writing.
  • revisit the videos, redo skills practices and quizzes.