Facilitate with Participlan™

Do you have a trusted process to tackle difficult issues with groups you facilitate?

It all hinges on the competence of the facilitator to manage the content, the process, and the people in the meeting, to drive actions and get commitment to implementation.

Participlan™ is a thinking process. It creates a co-operative environment, encouraging participants to think and contribute ideas, observations and opinions. It speeds up the process of achieving meeting objectives, and keeps the content of the meeting visual.

What will you learn to do?

  • take a brief and plan a meeting using the Participlan™ process
  • design the sequence and flow of questions to stimulate thinking
  • facilitate the capturing of thoughts and ideas using Participlan™ as a visual mapping tool
  • engage group interaction to promote free flow of thought and creativity
  • manage the dynamic of collaboration, consensus and conflict
  • interpret emerging information to inspire the group to unpack and explore issues
  • guide the process through to action plans
  • summarise, record and report the outcome of the meeting

Who should attend?

If you are looking for a tool to help you manage the process of information exchange, making it easy for people to engage and contribute, then you must have Participlan™ in your tool kit.