Getting your Clients on Side

How versatile are you in talking too and relating to different personalities?

Do you just communicate or do you really connect?

Winning business depends largely on how quickly and how effectively a client’s trust is

won. Without trust, it is very hard to influence them.

Clients buy you before they buy what you are selling. Learn how to apply the strengths of your unique communication style, to connect successfully with any client, and turn each interaction into a win-win.

What will you learn to do?

  • explore the power of perception: how it influences the way people behave
  • understand and apply the Clarity4D Model to interpret behaviour differences
  • define your self perception: identify behaviours that support or undermine how you
  • communicate with and relate to your clients
  • gain insight into the strengths and limitations of your style as seen by others, and how they impact each stage of the sales process
  • recognise dominant behaviour preferences of key clients
  • modify your behaviour to connect more effectively with all styles
  • practise connecting strategies in simulated client contact situations
  • identify key client relationship gaps and develop actions to address these

Who should attend?

We tailor-make this workshop for anyone in a sales role, whether you promote tangible products or a professional service. Sharpening your people skills is often a game changer, so this workshop will help lift your sales performance to a new level.

Clarity4D™ personal profile

The Clarity4D™ process uses colour as a common language for self-understanding, effective interaction and organisational growth. Prior to the workshop, individuals complete an online questionnaire, which produces a comprehensive personal profile which they will reference regularly during the programme.

“Relate with Confidence Very well prepared and facilitated course; I enjoyed the session and it had a good pace.” – Riaan Engelbrecht, Head of RFA (Cape) SANLAM