Raise the Writing Bar

Are your proposals and reports well-structured and attractive to read?

Do you waste a lot of time compiling a report or proposal?

A well written document can have a profound impact on company image, business performance and decision making. How you write the document also reflects on your personal credibility.

If you have the basics of business writing under your belt, this programme will help you and your team take your reports or proposal writing to the next level. Learn to apply tools, templates and tested business writing principles that will save you time and give you results.

What will you learn to do?

PLEASE NOTE that the outcomes of this programme will be defined in collaboration with client, once we are briefed comprehensively on the needs of the group, and the nature of their documents.

By agreement with client, our facilitator will need access to relevant reports or proposal, so that examples and case studies can be created for use during the programme. The group may also use the time on the programme and the expertise of the facilitator to

re-design existing templates for reports or proposals, if desired.

Who should attend?

We assume that delegates attending this workshop have a solid foundation of business writing experience. Typical criticisms that might currently be applied to your writing may include: poor structure, too lengthy, too complex, overly formal or technical, limited impact.

Whether you are competing for business or competing for career advancement in your organisation, everything you write should be designed to influence the readers to like you, buy from you and even talk about you. –¬†Forbes.com