Become a writer readers love

Do people really read the business documents you write?

How easy is it to express yourself in writing without wasting a lot of time?

Readers love clear, easy-to-read documents that follow logical flow, are concisely written and use plain language. The key to getting your documents read is learning how to write documents with the reader in mind, it’s that simple.

This programme will teach you to map your thoughts carefully, and translate them into documents that grab attention and stimulate the reader to respond.

What will you learn to do?

  • relate to the reader with an appropriate level of formality and tone
  • organise information so the reader understands the message on first read
  • create a layout that grabs reader attention and keeps the reader reading
  • choose language that suits the purpose of the communication and ensures clarity
  • draft written communication using simple formulas and mind mapping, to save time
  • structure the content of the document to create a coherent, easy to read message
  • use topic sentences, bullet points and active voice to add impact and focus to the document

Who should attend?

Whatever your level of experience, and whether or not English is your first, second or third language, you would benefit from this programme.

If you want to lift your game as a business writer, or if you struggle to write coherently and express yourselves accurately and professionally through the written word, you will really benefit from attending.

“Manual, materials, facilitator and general content were excellent! It was easy to listen and participate” – Janet le Grange, Manager, DELOITTE