Meet the team

“The single most influencing factor in anyone’s career success is their ability to communicate.” – The BPG mantra since 1986

Tracey Gordon - Client Service Director

Tracey is our Client Liaison / Sales Director. Her exceptional communication skills and her natural ability to get to the core of client training needs creates meaningful and lasting client relationships. Beneath her laid back and tolerant demeanour, she is naturally inquisitive and enjoys discovering the differences between people and situations and helping them plug any communication skills-gaps that will help them excel in business. With her drive to always be looking at ways to improve our offering, she makes sure she is up to date with current business trends.

Her philosophy is “you only live once” … make the most of each day.

Over weekends you will either find her playing golf on a nearby golf course, walking in the forest or cooking a gourmet meal.

Cinzia Fernandez - Programme Manager

Cinzia is our expert“ behind the scenes” Programme Support Manager,  and is super-skilled in a broad  variety of administrative tasks. She is highly service orientated and always willing  to respond to underlying client needs. She goes above and beyond to enhance our client experience and provide support to our facilitators.She is continuously growing her skills set and stimulated by challenges, her motto is … ‘give me a problem, and I will find a solution’.  A fiercely loyal, 100% reliable and determined person, she will make sure that the job is done – no matter what.

She is a Mom of a teenage daughter and can often be found over weekends, sampling some great music, food and wine in Kalk Bay.

Glenda Methven - Associate

Glenda has successfully run her own Training and Development co since 1998.  She has experience of the entire training cycle from the research and needs analysis stage to design, development, facilitation, assessment, moderation and quality assurance. 

She uses her gift of empathy and interpersonal skills to create meaningful relationships. Her natural warm and friendly style enables her to offer practical support and guidance to her learners. 

BPG has collaborated with her on a number of projects, the most recent being the design and development of our online Write with Confidence programme.

Deborah brings life and energy to any programme she facilitates, She is encouraging, patient and sensitive in her approach.

Her experience spans over 20+years training and coaching people to be more convincing and credible communicators.  Her passion for her work stems from seeing people learn skills and techniques – making them feel confident and empowered to present, share an opinion or idea and make the right impact. 

Her belief is simply …  Success in the business world is enhanced if the way in which you communicate creates a positive and lasting impression.  With the right training or coaching, everyone can learn these techniques. 

As a key member of our BPG team, she is valued for her role in facilitating our suite of business communication skills programme and providing one-on -one presentation coaching and consulting sessions. 

She loves weekends as she can indulge in her two favourite pastimes…sitting in the sun with her nose in a book or catching up with friends on a walk beside the ocean.

Lita Currie - Associate

Lita is a business owner, facilitator, coach and instructional designer.  She has worked in the corporate field for over 2 decades prior to her starting 3Stickmen. She is a visual thinker using a combination of words and pictures to help clients make sense of their strategy, solve problems more creatively and create new perspectives.

As an instructional designer (both face-to-face and online programmes), she creates a variety of learning solutions. She creatively applies various methodologies when facilitating learning interventions, graphic facilitation being her favourite. 

Her style enables participants to rapidly sense a safe space to explore their own style while also engaging intellectually with the models and tools she introduces to support their development.

With her years of experience and  expertise in learning and development, human resources and running her  business she brings a holistic view to our clients, to deep dive into areas where needed.

In her role as facilitator/consultant, her aim is to get people to work collaboratively, to think creatively through problems and to feel ‘in sync’ and aligned with the goals of the organisation, whilst finding the key to their own personal resilience in the face of overwhelming change.

Nikki has vast experience in harnessing the collective wisdom and creativity of a group of people when it comes to strategy, innovation, problem solving or simply working out how to collaborate properly as a team.  

Nikki’s enthusiasm and energy levels are high.  A naturally gifted facilitator and presenter who brings the ‘best out in people’ so they can bring their ‘best selves’ to work. This leads to better communication, deeper and more authentic engagements, and a positive mindset which directly impacts on the culture of an organisation.