Facilitate with Confidence

How good are you at stimulating discussion and encouraging group participation?

The learning environment has changed. To keep up with innovative thinking and trends we need to ensure we keep people engaged. Facilitators need to know how to get people to think and create a collaborative environment where people are actively making a contribution in a co-operative and constructive manner.

Learn how to apply a toolkit of practical tools and techniques to manage the people dynamic, the content, and the timing of facilitated sessions.

You will learn how to…

  • Open a workshop to get attention, build interest and establish trust with a group
  • Create an environment of enquiry and discovery – how to ask question that allows the learner to discover and answer things for themselves
  • Listen, question, summarise
  • Use a variety of tools, games, processes and techniques to facilitate knowledge sharing, idea generation and group participation
  • Manage group dynamics, maintain control, identify and respond appropriately to negative or passive behaviour
  • Recognise when it’s the right time for participants to be energised or to self-reflect

We offer quality interactive learning experiences with valuable content, appealing visuals and practical skills application to set you up for success.

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