Does your presentation slide design captivate your audience and assist you in being persuasive?

Imagine delivering your presentations using attention grabbing slides that keep your audience fully engaged with your key message and visually assist you in persuading the audience to your point of view.

Rapid changes in technology and the use of smart phones and social media have greatly influenced the way in which we consume visual information. Understanding these changes is crucial to designing presentation slides that not only assist in communicating your message in a bold and striking manner, but also keep your audience captivated.

Knowing how to design and package your message is a skill like any other and can be taught using an easy formula based system.

What will you learn to do?

Prepare and design visually striking visuals, using customised PowerPoint templates designed for you, to help accelerate the process

Understand design theory and current best practice trends for presentations

  • how people consume visual data & information
  • influence of technology
  • swipe & slide culture
  • work with colour, font, scale and emphasis

Rework content into striking visual slides that assist in communicating your message

  • distil complex content into digestible bite size slides
  • 166 principle to slide content structures
  • strategies & formulas to streamline your process

Work in PowerPoint and utilise your custom template to streamline your design process and workflow

  • working with PowerPoint templates
  • using master slides and template styles
  • quick tricks and tips to speed up your Power Point workflow
  • working with your Notes
  • exporting & sharing presentations

Value for teams & businesses

Custom Designs

Needs analysis & custom PowerPoint template designs specifically created to cater for your business’s needs


Easy-to-use and implement PowerPoint templates that reflect your brand and business

Skills Training

Practical skills & techniques to create captivating slide presentations


6 months technical support after training