Sharpening your Personal Edge

How do you show up?

Does your personal presence build your credibility with others or diminish it?

What is it about some people that makes everyone take notice when they walk into a room, makes heads turn, conversations open up to include them? They get answers when people ask questions, people listen when they speak, people follow when they lead, and everything goes flat when they leave?!

Through a process of rich discussion and debate and personal observation, this highly engaging workshop will draw attention to those seemingly small elements that build credibility and influence.

What will you learn to do?

  • define and identify Presence: what is it, who has it, how do we recognise it in others?
  • assess your own PQ: self-test: define what supports or undermines the impact you
  • make in everyday business and social settings
  • analyse the power of perceptions: the perception others have of your personal
  • presence dictates decisions and actions
  • “it’s all in the packaging”: unpack and apply the visual and verbal cues that make
  • presence felt and get respectful attention
  • identify stand out behaviour and character factors that count
  • create personal action plan to develop presence

Who should attend?

We designed this workshop for any groups from graduate to executive. It is a highly individual experience and meets each participant at their personal point of need.

“Attention sustaining, good research and resource references, very helpful tools for personal and professional life. Very relevant.” – Alfred Moraka, CDH