Relate with Confidence

How versatile are you in dealing with people?

The ability to connect and build trust is an essential ingredient for good communication and productive relationships. A one-size fit all approach to dealing with people simply doesn’t work!

Learn about your unique communication style and how to flex it to get better results from interactions with clients and colleagues. Increase your versatility … it will increase your influence.

You will learn how to…

  • Understand the power of perception – what influences the way we behave
  • Explore a simple and practical 4 behavioural model that describes difference
  • Discover how your preferred style influences your way of thinking, working and communicating and how it impacts relationships in a personal and professional environment
  • Gain insights into the strengths and possible weaknesses of others you interact with
  • Modify your behaviour to connect more effectively
  • Develop actions to improve communication and leverage the benefits of diversity

We offer quality interactive learning experiences with valuable content, appealing visuals and practical skills application to set you up for success. This workshop is ideal for teams.