Becoming an Authentically Persuasive Presenter

Would others call you a compelling communicator?

Does your message and the way you deliver it get the result you want?

Imagine your audience fully engaged, right with you, as you lead them to a logical conclusion, and inspire them to action.

Contrary to common opinion, getting an audience on your side, is not about wowing them with amazing technology and a lot of charisma. It has more to do with the kind of thinking that goes into your preparation. A well-structured message allows you to be authentic, confident and compelling speaker.

What will you learn to do?

Prepare a persuasive message, using BPG-developed templates that accelerate the process:

  • build a clear picture of the target audience, getting into their shoes
  • strategise content to relate to their needs and expectations
  • use the Audience Thought Model™ to sequence content
  • apply visual mapping stationery to organise thoughts
  • pre-empt friendly and hostile questions

Deliver your content in a natural confident and conversational style:

  • engage the positive attention of the audience
  • use every facet of who you are to project credibility
  • maintain control despite interruptions, distractions and objections

Interact naturally and comfortable with visuals, to tell the story

Who should attend?

Regardless of your role, if you are required to give persuasive presentations, to influence an outcome or get buy-in, don’t hesitate to attend this programme.

“The structured thinking tool is very well thought through and adaptable. It was the real ‘new’ aspect for me. I have since used the methods with great success. I think there is something in this for everyone, whatever ‘standard’ they are or think they are at.” – Alasdair Steele, Partner, NABARRO LLP London