Write with Confidence @ Work

Recent research shows up to 4-hours a week is spent, responding to emails.

It is essential to make the right impact, and get a clear message across, to influence people and get results.

BPG, in collaboration with Learnability, has created an online self-study action learning course. It provides learners with a new way to write professionally. This 8-step modularised course will show learners how to get into the hearts and minds of their readers.

Benefits of this online course:

  • learn in your own time and pace.
  • check that you are on the right track with the model answers for the skills practices.
  • download a summary for each module and the course overall.
  • easily navigate the course through the consistent structure of each module.
  • learn in a fun and interactive manner.
  • be more empowered and grow your confidence in your writing ability.
  • apply the knowledge and skills immediately in your writing.
  • revisit the videos, redo skills practices and quizzes.
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