Old habits die hard…

According to neuroscientists, people who attend training generally forget a staggering 70% of new information they learnt, within the first 24 hours!*  It’s not that you have a bad memory, it’s simply the way our brains work. No wonder then that despite one’s sincerest intentions to put new skills into practise, old presentation habits are likely to have crept back in.

*Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

#1 Presentation Mythstakes…

“You have to adopt an extroverted style to be a good presenter”

Bad move! In my experience good presenters are those who play to their strengths. When we do, it energises us and we show up to others as natural, authentic and credible. Quiet confidence and quiet influence are a powerful combination. Never try to act like someone you are not; always aim to be yourself at your best

Present to Influence

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